Sticky Situation

I bought a cup at Wal-Mart today.  It was a plastic cup with freezable gel on the edges.  It cost me $5.  My body ached when I thought of all the beverage possibilities to which i would be introduced.

In my excitement to get it in the freezer, so I could enjoy a margarita that would be eternally cold without watering down from ice cubes (just one of my thoughtful uses for this amazing container), I started peeling off the numerous stickers attached to the 24oz gem.  That’s when my joy tuned into frustration; that sticky residue would not yield to my attempts at removal. I could not help but be disheartened.  That glue, that bane of my existence, was standing between me and thirst quenching enjoyment.   As I was laying there in the fetal position, scrubbing my blue chalice of regret, my mind raced to other times at which this same sense of struggle had entered my life.

Once, when I bought a new toilet, there were stickers everywhere.  I spent an hour with a razor blade trying to rid it of adhesive gunk.  Then again, when I bought a picture frame.  There are still small sticky balls on the corner of the glass.  And, as I began to look around my kitchen, I noticed several items that had stickers that I had not dared to try and remove for fear that the glue would be left behind.  On plates, bottoms of coffee cups, on decorative bowls.  You may pass this off as sheer laziness, but why must everything I purchase have stickers on them?   You try to peel them off, but to no avail.  There is a glimmer of hope when the corner is slightly raised, but when you begin the slow and careful peel…the glue fights back.  Only that corner comes off.  There is no easy starting area left.  You are forced to gradually pick at the flaky paper edging in hopes that you might get lucky.  Now, you are stuck in an epic battle between you and some resin stuck to the side of the beautiful object you had just purchased.  You did not just buy a beautiful, blue freezer gel cup.  What you bought was a metaphor for the hold corporations have on America.

With all the technology in the world, you cannot tell me there is not a glue technology out there that allows for secure adhesion and easy removal.  Perhaps you might say that this technology is not economically came by, and then I would call you a liar.  I bought a $1 pair of flip flops last week which had a vinyl, easy peel, no buyers remorse sticker on it.  It’s out there and it’s feasible.

So, with my big strong American consumer voice, I googled the company and called there customer support line (yeah, I was surprised they had one,too).  I informed the kind lady on the phone that the stickers they had used on their product made a would-be happy customer turn into a frenzied lunatic.  She informed me that this was a first among “sticker” complaints on their products, but would let the marketing team know.  I could not believe my ears.  How am I the only person in this world that is not frustrated by product stickers??  Or am I the only one who was finally fed up enough to say “NO MORE!”

So, I am urging everyone who has an issue with a product that they have bought to call the company that made it and let them know.  We can get what we want, we just have to tell them what we want.  We American’s sit idly by waiting for change and doing nothing to prompt it.  If you don’t like stickers, let someone know.  You have a voice…use it.  I cannot fight this sticker war all by myself.


Blogging Virginity.

The cutest dog in the world!


I am new to blogging.  Many of my friends are avid bloggers and they said it was a way for them to express their creativity to the world…after which I called shenanigans.  It seems more like artistic masturbation at its finest.   So narcissistic…to think others give a damn about what you have to say.  Perhaps that’s why it felt to right for me to blog.  Of course people want to hear what I have to say.  Of course people want to see my beautiful pictures of crap.

I wouldn’t say I have a driving theme to what I have to say, or what pictures I will be uploading.  Perhaps that will come.  I thought about different things I could write about; my English Bulldog Boopy, my aging grandpa and his antics, my career as a real estate agent, my struggles as a start up photographer.  But there are too many.  So, I am just going to start writing about what I want to write about when I sit down to my computer.  However, there will always be a picture that I have taken that will inspire my ramblings.  Maybe that’s my theme.  Who knows.  Maybe I will get board with it after a month and decide this blogging stuff isn’t for me.

So, here it is world.  Love me.  Love my words.  Love my pictures.  I am awesome and cannot wait to read praise after praise in my comment section.  Of course, perhaps you  might hate what I do, and in that case…move along.